Security Shutters & Grilles

Our line-up of roll down security shutters & grilles allows our clients to choose the solution that best meets their needs and budget. Sleep better at night and enjoy worry-free days knowing your location is protected and your assets are safe with a hardened security solution. Possible intruders will take one look and move on to a store without security protection.

A combination of shutters and grilles might be the right solution verses installing shutters on every single window and door. Why spend more when you don’t need to? Our multiple selection of hardened forced entry protection solutions both manual and motorized allow us to identify cost effective options when maximum security and a visual deterrent is required.

Retailers, pharmacies, hospitals, banks, airports, and offices utilize our security shutters and grilles. Our products offer retractable protection with an unobstructed view, even when deployed. We provide the fastest lead time in the industry with a possibility of a 48-hour turnaround time in rush.

Our hardened forced entry protection solutions include:

  • Manual and motorized roll-down shutters for store fronts, pharmacies, stadiums, etc.
  • Folding side-to-side security grills for store fronts, kiosk, mall locations, airports, etc. Our security grilles do not require expensive routine maintenance. There are no springs or slide locks to go bad from the day to day, up and down abuse a roll down product must endure.
  • Phoenix fixed security barriers are a cost effective alternative to shutters providing excellent forced entry protection and allowing visibility day and night.


Proven Security, Cutting-Edge Design
Looking for a good-looking roll-up door that provides excellent visibility, air flow, and security? Specify the Mobilflex Roll-Air, featuring 50% perforated steel slats covered with high resistance powder coat paint. It’s at home in high-end storefronts and any location with a contemporary architectural vibe.


Innovative & Economical
Each maximum security Mobilflex Roll-126 rolling grille is reinforced with aluminum-tube rods that provide protection against break-ins without restricting air flow or visibility. It’s the logical choice for storefronts, display windows, airports, stadiums, and more.

Open-Style Brick

High Security Open-Air Closure
The MobilFlex Roll-Flex Brick features the same attractive design as our System S-525 & S-12 lines. Wtih its strudy aluminum extrusions and continuous metal rods, it’s ideal to deter smash and grab theft.



Open-Style Straight

High Security Open-Air Closure
Without polycarbonates inserts, the MobilFlex Roll-Flex Straight pattern is constructed with the same strength as the Roll-Vision model. It’s ideal for window protection or for any security purposes.


Privacy & Security
For maximum security and total protection, Mobilflex’s Roll-Shutter offers an attractive alternative to metal rolling doors. With its nearly hermetic closure, this rolling shutter is ideal for service counters, concession stands, airports, and merchandise warehousing areas.


Attactive Solution For Small Openings
The MobilFlex Counter Shutter features attractive slimmed-down components that won’t cramp your display room. Solid aluminum slats enhance any interior, making it the perfect solution for service counters, booths, ticket windows, and kiosks.