Forced-Entry Protection Film

Safety & security films are designed to prevent or deter unauthorized entry from buildings and structures. “Smash and Grab” thefts are always a risk for retail store owners. Criminals can gain inside access by just breaking the glass. We can minimize asset loss by frustrating thieves who rely on speed of entry.

Safety window films help to prevent glass from shattering when struck, creating an element of surprise to a potential thief. This also helps to prevent costly, disruptive damage to your property and merchandise.

For more information on our window film glass protection, please contact us at 1.800.443.6776.

Forced-Entry Protection Film Videos

8 Mil Interior 7 Mil Exterior

A demonstration of the durability of laminated glass with forced-entry protection film.

Watch on YouTube – Laminated Glass With Safety Film


Glass With NO Safety Film

An exterior view of tempered glass being broken with a center punch. Glass in this video does not have any type of forced-entry protection film.

Watch on YouTube – Tempered Glass NO Safety Film