Blast Mitigation Film

Blast mitigation films reduce injuries to personnel and damage to property. Our Bomb/Blast systems are specifically engineered and tested to meet stringent federal and state mandated standards, more so than any other manufacturer in the industry.

The powerful blast from a bomb can cause immeasurable destruction. It would seem that windows shattering would be the least of it, but a single square foot of glass can produce up to 200 deadly, razor-sharp fragments. Flying glass shards are what many times cause severe injury, and even death. Enpro carries Madico films, the finest line of safety window films in the industry.

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Blast Mitigation Film Videos

Bomb Mitigation Film

The effect of fire on laminated glass. How it works: the bomb mitigation film bonds to the glass holding it together even when broken preventing glass from flying into the structure and causing damage or injury.

Watch on YouTube – Bomb Mitigation Film

Bomb Blast With NO Window Film

An unprotected glass demonstration.

Watch on YouTube – Bomb Blast With NO Window Film